Sulphur Native Son Qualifies for Open State Senate Seat

“Our region needs an unprecedented comeback.”

Lake Charles, La — Small business owner Dustin Granger has qualified to seek the vacated State Senate seat for District 27.  Dustin, a graduate of Sulphur High School, has made a name as a financial planner helping regular working families be financially secure, even against the odds and Wall Street greed, in an uncertain regional economy. That foundation became a lifeline for so many families amidst the devastation of Hurricane Laura. 

“My friends and my family live here and they’ve seen enough suffering. We all deserve a State Senator that is focused on their success, and I’ve proven I’m that person day in and day out,” said Granger. “One year out from Hurricane Laura, we cannot afford a Senator that is compromised by special interests. Only someone who is truly fighting for our families should have this job.” 

Dustin and his wife, Lauren, are the proud parents of two girls, Mireille and Inès, and his family has deep roots in the District. Dustin traces his family back to the first Cajuns who came to South Louisiana facing the challenges of building a new life in an unforgiving landscape. 

“Our region needs an unprecedented comeback and that’s about more than one-time dollars. I will build on the legacy of Senator Johns, fighting for our values and our families. I’ll fight for increased investments in education, infrastructure, law enforcement and smart policies that bring our tax dollars home,” said Granger. “But I’m not going to be soft on the industries that stand between us and financial security. Too many families have been robbed by insurance companies. And that’s because too many ‘leaders’ are in the pocket of those who profit from our struggles. That stops when I get to Baton Rouge.” 

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