My thoughts on Roe in American Press

Here is my op-ed on Roe v. Wade in the Lake Charles American Press today: 

“The new forced pregnancy and birth laws that our legislature created, and the SWLA Republican delegation voted for, are radical and out of touch. The consequences for which will be disastrous to our already hobbled state.

Putting aside that they stripped away a major freedom, it would require government monitoring of women’s health and their reproductive system. Miscarriages, already a tormenting situation, could be investigated by the State. My sister almost died from an ectopic pregnancy 3 years ago. The quick decision of a doctor saved her life. Would she be alive today under the new rules? Would doctors behave the same way knowing they could go to jail if they make a wrong move? Today, she has beautiful, healthy 2yo twin girls.

My own two little girls, if ever tragically raped, would be forced to birth their rapist’s child- becoming a victim twice over. Or, if they make an immature decision of having unprotected sex, their life could be forever altered by that decision. Males don’t have nearly the same consequences as females for that immature decision, just take child support for example: more than 30% of payments aren’t made, and fewer than half are paid in full.

Shame on Senators Stine, Abraham and Reese, Representatives Farnum, Tarver, and the others who voted for these draconian laws. Even the “pill”, to safely stop pregnancies at the beginning, is now banned. They even shunned common sense exception amendments, like rape and incest, when they were given the chance.

Most women that have had an abortion have already had at least one child and cite socioeconomic concerns as their reason. Let me remind you that we’re a state who refuses to raise the minimum wage, pay enough unemployment, and continues to fight against Medicaid expansion. We are already ranked one of the worst states for health and education, and we put the largest tax burden on low income and middle class families, refusing to make the rich and large corporations pay their fair share.  Our child protective services are underfunded and our foster care system is overflowing. Taxes will have to go way up just to keep the same lagging pace.

We also have a crisis of young people leaving this state. Hard to imagine many young women and men would decide to set up a life here when one instance could trigger a law to force them into unplanned pregnancy and parenthood. The consequences of this 50-year movement are being frighteningly unveiled.”

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