Dustin Granger Picks up Key Endorsements in State Senate Race

State Rep. Carter, Faith Leader Tolbert sign on to increase turnout for Granger.

Lake Charles, La — Dustin Granger, candidate in the special election to fill the vacated District 27 State Senate seat, released the first in a series of endorsements from local and state leaders committed a complete and successful cultural and economic comeback following Hurricane Laura and the devastation of Covid-19. 

Former Judge and State Representative Wilford Carter, Sr. said, “I support Dustin Granger for Louisiana Senate District 27 as a partner in all recovery efforts, redistricting, and the Enterprise Boulevard extension. I’m hoping you will support him too.” 

Prolific community and faith leader Dr. Samuel Tolbert, Jr. is throwing his support, encouragement, and prayer behind Dustin Granger, too. “I am supporting Dustin Granger for State Senate District 27 because he is pro-life both pre-birth and post-birth. Dustin Granger understands the economic and cultural differences and needs of our district,” said Tolbert.

Tolbert and Carter are major influencers in a majority of Senate District 27’s precincts and their endorsement carries significance in voter turnout and enthusiasm for local candidates. These powerful endorsements come just one week after Granger announced his candidacy. “It’s a high compliment when these kinds of leaders step up to endorse you. They know our community can’t afford the wrong Senator at this pivotal moment in our journey to recovery. I’m proud and honored to have them standing with me in this campaign for our families,” Granger said of the endorsements.

Granger’s opponents in the October 9th primary include a lumber magnate Jeremy Stine and teacher Jake Sheehan.