Dustin Granger Applauds Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill as Part of Pathway to Storm/Covid Recovery

“I’m running against a culture that glamourizes refusing to work together. I don’t believe in that.” 

Lake Charles, La — State senate candidate Dustin Granger was fired up about news of a bipartisan infrastructure package approved by the United States Senate today. And since his district is still reeling from winter storms, Hurricane Laura, and Covid-19 shutdowns, families need all the help they can get.  “This is a huge step in the right direction because it includes not only money for roads and bridges, but for vital infrastructure like expanded high-speed internet for communities in need. I’m eager to get to work to ensure it’s used wisely and quickly to create jobs and change lives,” said Granger. 

19 republicans joined Senate Democrats to approve the $1 Trillion spending plan. It includes: 

  • $73 billion for electric grid and power infrastructure
  • $65 billion for broadband investments
  • $55 billion for water systems and infrastructure
  • $39 billion for public transit
  • $17 billion for ports and waterways

In the state senate, Granger will be charged with setting state-level priorities for federal funds in the infrastructure package and beyond. He said he’ll approach that in the same bipartisan manner the bill was passed, preferring pragmatism over blustery partisanship. “We don’t often see D.C. get it done for our people. This is exactly the kind of across-the-aisle work I’ll do in the state senate to fight for our families,” said Granger. “I’m running not only against an opponent who is beholden to partisan interest but against a culture that glamorizes refusing to work together. I don’t believe in that.”