Why We Shouldn’t Override John Bel Edwards Veto

Don’t Overturn Gov. JBE Veto!

On March 9th, Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed the newly drawn U.S. Congressional districts. Gov. Edwards said: “Today, after careful consideration, review, discussion with Legislators, and consultation with voting rights experts, I have vetoed the proposed congressional map drawn by Louisiana’s Legislature, because it does not include a second majority African American district, despite Black voters making up almost a third of Louisianans per the latest U.S. Census data. This map is simply not fair to the people of Louisiana and does not meet the standards set forth in the federal Voting Rights Act. The Legislature should immediately begin the work of drawing a map that ensures Black voices can be properly heard in the voting booth. It can be done and it should be done.”

We have 6 members of Congress. It is not fair to have 5 of those completely uncompetitive for a Democratic or African American candidate. We’re just asking for 1 more district to be competitive, and there are plenty of maps that can do that.

Today, they want to override his veto and make us live with these unfair districts for the next 10 years. It will be a razor close vote. We need you to call your own LA State Representative and Senator plus a couple independent swing voters below.

Ask them to: “Please, do not vote to override the Governor’s veto of unfair Congressional Districts”, and tell them why IT MATTERS to you.

Call (225) 342-6945 and leave messages for your Representative and for the below swing-vote Representatives or email them directly:

Rep. Malinda White, email: whitema@legis.la.gov

Rep. Joe Marino, email: marinoj@legis.la.gov

Rep. Daryl Adams, email: hse062@legis.la.gov

Call (225) 342-2040 and leave a message for your Senator or email them directly:

Sen. Jeremy Stine, email: sen27@legis.la.gov